HOW TO STAKE Spartacus?

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3 min readNov 26, 2021


What we discover a few weeks ago >>

check the Direct Website Staking :

Do your own research from coinmarketcap

Check out the coin — take note, it is on fantom network

This Project are similar to Wonderland < we also cover the step by step over here too.

if this is a project you believe in it ? Lets go.
by the way I did make a step by step on tiktok (but is a fast version, once you set up you may refer here too)

ps : am busy cant make full details, so yeah!


Make sure you set up your FANTOM Network in Metamask
here is the steps >>


Buy Fantom on your exchange, not sure which is the correct one? check here

Transfer from your Exchange to your address at Metamask x Fantom Network

make sure the top is not ETH network


Add Token of SPARTACUS

copy the address here to >>>
import token by pasting the copy address from above !


Ready to SWAP

do take note that you need to keep some FANTOM, reason is because you need that to act as a GAS fee to react to the contract for staking.
I suggest keep like 5 to 10 fantom

Go over here click this will direct you to a new page
Click understand and ok

The now you SWAP by choosing FANTOM

make sure you keep 5 to 10 in your FTM



at times maybe you need to click two times. but just chill is ok, take a deep breath it take some time to proceed


Take note, remember to draw your initial investment, anything not yet cash out is not considered profit or earn, invest wisely, and have fun.

All the information are non-fianacial advice, you need to do your own research and be responsible with your decision-making. I am just sharing the steps that How I do.

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