Axie Team to Choose

Here are the available AXIE

Team 1

Team 3

Team 6

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Understand the HOUSE RULES

Here are some HOUSE RULES for you to consider before joining us.

  1. We are paying out monthly: it will base on your team, payday by AXIE system, the manager will update and will payout on the same day or next day within 48 hours. Once you confirm do update us on your Address on Binance or Ronin wallet
    we are giving out 50% for partners. if you are long term enough and we verify your value, we will give up to 70%
    *these percentage might change, the community owner have the right to make any changes and we will give at least 7 days notice.
  2. Experience: we hope you are an experienced player, you dont have to be 1500 MMR to qualify as experience. as long as you are confident to achieve 60 and above, also seeking to improve, that is fine.
  3. Update SLP daily : You are required to update daily on your SLP. if you are unable to play — do update early.
  4. Termination or Give up: Yes you may give up at least one day’s notice. so we can calculate your SLP and hand it over to the next partner. If you are missing for more than 3 days, have no reply or no updates, and didn’t play at all. we will terminate and whatever it is for the SLP will forfeit and will not distribute to you.
    If you are on accident or hospitalizations (hope will not)that is case to case, we will not forfeit your earnings.
  5. Not Perfect: Do take note, we do not have the perfect team for you, therefore you got to have your own arrangement on limited resources.
    take actions and showcase, so we will consider investing or just let it flow.

Our goals are simple, utilize resources and make friends and earn together.

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